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ACDelco dexos1 Gen2 Full Synthetic Introduction


General Motors has launched the new generation of ACDelco Full Synthetic Oil, Dexos1. All new 2018 models require full synthetic oil it is also backward compatible with previous model years. Dexos1 Synthetic Oil has been designed to keep today's smaller, higher performing engines running at full efficiency and without interruption.


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Gen 2 dexos approved/certifié




  • Maintain maximum Fuel Economy
  • Reduction in low speed Pre Ignition
  • Superior wear protection
  • Reduced Turbocharger deposits
  • Full Synthetic oil without the Full Synthetic price
  • No reason not to choose the added protection of a full synthetic


What does the owner's manual say about dexos 1 Gen 2?


  • Ask for and use engine oils that meet the dexos2 specification. Engine oils that have been approved by GM as meeting the dexos2 specification are marked with the dexos2 approved logo. See www.gmdexos.com.


What happens if you don't use dexos1 Gen 2 in your vehicle?


  • Failure to use the recommended engine oil can result in engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty.


Do I need to flush the Engine in order to use dexos1 Gen2 Full Synthetic?


  • Do not add anything to the oil. The recommended oils meeting the dexos specification are all that is needed for good performance and engine protection. Engine oil system flushes are not recommended and could cause engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty.